If you spend some time on the internet you'll notice that in the past week a ton of videos called "The Harlem Shake" with different versions have suddenly popped on youtube, facebook etc.

Well here we go again, this is the new planking you might think... But wait!!! At least this videos require a lot more creativity, coordination and production than the simple planking photos. And to verify this Drift Idiot and I decided to make our own rendition of the "Harlem Shake Tofu Drift Idiot version"

Being barely 47 seconds didn't make this video easy to shoot, we had to find enough people, enough costumes and find a safe location, go back home, edit and publish in less than 8 hours. It wasn't easy but sure it was fun!

I'd love to see more Harlem Shakes with cars, drifting and burnouts. One of our main inspiration's was Beard Life's Harlem Shake [HOONIGAN] style.

What do you think??

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